All of our therapists are trained in pregnancy massage.  Our focus is to meet the therapeutic needs of the client as she goes through the physical and emotional changes related to pregnancy.  As every pregnancy is different, every massage is customized to suit those needs and the therapist will modify treatment techniques and positioning based on the individual assessment of the client.

We use the bodyCushion system for all three trimesters.  With this system a client is able to lie face down with her abdomen supported allowing the therapist to be more effective in addressing her low back and pelvic areas. Clients find this system very comfortable and relaxing.

Benefits of Massage Therapy during Pregnancy

  • Relieves stress and promotes relaxation
  • Relieves muscle tension, spasms and cramping
  • Relieves sciatic nerve and joint pain
  • Relieves headache discomfort
  • Increases circulation of blood and lymph
  • Decreases swelling in arms and legs
  • Relieves stress on weight-bearing joints